Final Source Evaluatoin: Helen Thomas obituary

bossHelen Thomas had an incredible impact on Washington and beyond. Researching her has been fascinating and there is so many ways I could have taken this research paper. After much consideration my thesis was drawn up:

Helen Thomas’ bias lead her to provide a unique insight and shape the portrait that she painted of JFK and LBJ.

I started off this blog post to explain why I was researching an obituary that Mrs. Robertson shared with me. Helen Thomas’ bias was very interesting and looking into her obituaries revealed some of her bias. Ms. Thomas did make some pretty severe anti Semitic comments:, such as “Jews should get the hell out of Palestine.” This bias will be interesting to portray in my analysis of JFK and LBJ. JFK did have some great religious advancement, and Thomas and JFK were very close and had a very healthy relationship, so it is interesting that she never made those comments in the earlier part of her career.helen thomas

The obituary I read was very reliable because a newspaper is a first rate source. It was also very helpful because it laid out her whole career and how much she really did. It showed how vital her career was, but did not fail to show the true downfall of Helen Thomas and her career, it showed every part of her life and career in a non-bias manor.

Another part of her bias was that Helen Thomas was first and foremost a feminist. She was one of the only women in the white house for a extended period of time, she was always first and always ready. The rest of my research process will be looking into her work and finding that bias and using it to analyze LBJ and JFK. ygg

Stout, David. “50 Years of Tough Questions and ‘Thank You, Mr.
President’.” New York Times [New York] 20 July 2013, Media: n. pag. Print.

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  1. Evans,
    THis is a solid source evaluation and I am glad you checked out a few different obituaries. I think you are on a decent path, and you have definitely learned how to format a blog post and make it look top notch. I want to make sure that you have enough evidence to further sophisticate your thesis, so make sure you begin your outline early. Good job.
    Grade: 45

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