Source Evaluation: Thank you Mr. President

The film “Thank you Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White house” by Rory Kennedy, sits down Helen Thomas, and asks her all sorts of questions involving her personal life and her relationships to the presidents from JFK to the later Bush.

The source is very reliable because it is Helen Thomas simply replying to questions about her life. It is very interesting because she also offers interpretation on presidents campaigns, their personal lives and the events that happened over the course of their presidency.

Over the course of Helen’s career there have been 9 presidents. 2 of which I will be comparing and contrasting through Helen Thomas’ eyes. Helen Thomas’ relationship with Kennedy and Johnson is looked at in the documentary. Thomas was very close to JFK and they got along very well. “He was very friendly”. She spent lots of time with the presidents: “you really felt that you got to know the person”. President Johnson in her eyes was “very self protected” and he would call for conferences where they would walk around the south lawn and he would talk very quietly, she considered them very “satirical”

The documentary does leave out lots of history for JFK and Johnson, which means I will be needing to do more in depth research. Having more background will help with comparison.  I will also need to research how Helen got to her position, what exactly her position was and it what it explicitly entailed. It would also be interesting to research some of her personal life, because she was fired  from her job.

Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House. Dir. Rory Kennedy.
HBO Documentary Films, 2008. Film.

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