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For this project, I had a marvelously titled Redneck evening. I spent my Saturday night doing what, when told, multiple friends called Redneck fun. The history of the term Redneck, comes from how some people of the south who have a particular culture, got the back of their necks burned from working in the sun all day. This was used as a derogatory term, which absolutely doesn’t make sense. Why make fun of  what people do after they worked hard to earn their living? In truth, I had a blast and a half of fun, eating red meat and shooting cans of soda.

Me with a pellet gun, suprisngly heavy
Me with a pellet gun, which for my city girl arms, was heavy. Tip: Gun Safety is vital. Always hold a gun by the butt, or the bottom of the gun, and with one hand towards the top. Never point a gun at someone, loaded or not.

The evening started off by somehow loading all of my family, Bailey included. (Bailey is our dog who my mother has adopted as her third and most beloved daughter, photos to come) I was wearing my most american outfit, tie dye american flag T-shirt, which was traded at summer camp two years ago, and my mothers ancient jean shorts. The Van Liew crew jammed out to some classic 80’s rock as we made our way out to the lovely secluded Crozet, Virginia. When we arrived to my godmothers house, many activities were presented. A fresh apple pie was on the stove and ready to be eaten for desert, and there was homemade ice cream in the fridge, it was going to be a good night.

For the first activity, I was handed a pellet gun. 3 soda cans were set up at different distances from the porch. I learned that holding a gun is pretty much instinct, even though I had shot a rifle multiple times before. Also, during my pellet gun nirvana, I learned that I am ambidextrous and can shoot a gun using both hands, but I have horrible aim. Oh well.

By then dinner was ready, and my stars (and stripes) this was an american meal by far. Hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad, deviled eggs, potato chips. Who could forget, the processed american cheese for the burgers. IMG_8648IMG_8653IMG_8659After dinner we moved on to one of the most popular expression of patriotism, fireworks. Fireworks are synonymous with americas day of independence, the fourth of July. The idea of fireworks is a credit to former president John Adams. He wrote in a letter to his wife on July 3rd 1776, Abigail about how the beginning of America should be celebrated immensely. Enough so that “Illuminations from one end of this continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.” On July 4th 1777 fireworks were set off in Philadelphia, and the newspaper raved about the use of fireworks. Most americans absolutely love fireworks and their extraordinary colors and loud bangs. I actually did discover that some people, Bailey included do not like fireworks. Personally, I enjoyed it immensely. We also had sparklers, which were about a foot long and called El Grande. Listening to classic rock, watching colors burst across the sky, in a tie dye t-shirt and blue jeans, I felt proud to be living in america and experiencing its culture in one of its many forms.

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  1. Evans,
    This was a fantastic first post. You did an excellent job embedding videos, images, and links, and your post benefitted from it. I really appreciated your treatment of the term “redneck.” The only suggestion I have is that perhaps you might have more fully developed one of your ideas instead of going in a few different directions. Overall, though, this was a really enjoyable post! Well done.
    Grade: 24

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